Advantages of different piano teaching methods
Advantages of different piano teaching methods
Traditional In-Person Piano Lessons
Online Piano Course
Piano Teaching Software
Piano Panacea
Personalized Instruction
Student accountability
Opportunities to make goals and celebrate accomplishments
Predicatable structure
Ability to learn at the student's chosen pace
Ability to review instructional material on demand
Ability to learn independently
Flexibility to work around complicated or irregular schedules
Motiviational increase through gamification
Group participation through online challenges and competitions
Immediate feedback to ensure students practice correctly and to facilitate fast-tracking progress
Accurate assessment tools to evaluate progress
Access to thousands of songs online for no additional cost
No need to rearrange one's schedule or accommodate travel time

Why Piano Panacea?

A Panacea is a solution or remedy for all difficulties or problems--a cure-all. While developing this program we took the approach of identifying as many of the advantages and disadvantages as possible to the existing piano teaching approaches out there and then set about to create a program that capitalizes on the advantages of other programs while mitigating the disadvantages. As such, we feel we have done our best to create a panacea for piano instruction or a PIANO PANACEA!

Here at the Piano Panacea Studio we have combined the advantages of our online course, piano teaching software, group challenges, and access to a piano teacher.

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Powerful Sightreading Assessment Tool

Piano Marvel Teaching Software

Piano Marvel teaches people how to play the piano 4x faster on average and up to 8-10x faster than traditional piano lessons!

1,000's of Songs

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200,000+ Piano Marvel students

There are over 200,000 students currently using this amazing piano teaching software! Join the community by using Piano Marvel as well as participating in Piano Marvel challenges!

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