Piano Panacea

A place to find excellent piano teachers certified in using Piano Marvel to Teach Online Piano Lessons

Learn through our Online Courses

Our online courses provide you with guided step-by-step instruction to help you learn how to play the piano.

Apply through Interactive Software

We utilize a 3rd Party software called Piano Marvel where you can apply what you have learned in your courses and piano lessons in an interactive and engaging way that can fast track your progress and make learning how to play more fun.

Live Interaction with your Piano Teacher and Fellow Students

Interact through 1:1 lessons, group lessons, or weekly Q&A sessions (for independent learners) with highly qualified piano teachers who are Piano Marvel and Online Teaching Certified Teachers in addition to their years of experience and other training and qualifications.

Our Piano Panacea Course

The Level 1 Course is completed and ready for students to enroll. We are currently working on completing the Level 2 Course and are anticipating its completion in time for students who have completed the Level 1 Course

What is the Piano Panacea Studio?

A Panacea is a solution or remedy for all difficulties or problems--a cure-all. While developing this program we took the approach of identifying as many of the strengths and weaknesses as possible to the existing piano teaching approaches out there and then set about to create a program that capitalizes on the strengths of other programs while mitigating the weaknesses. As such, we feel we have done our best to create a panacea for piano instruction or a PIANO PANACEA!

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    Piano Panacea
Strengths of Popular Piano Teaching Methods Traditional Piano LessonsOnline CourseSoftware/App
Piano Panacea
Strengths of Popular Piano Teaching Methods
Personalized Instruction
The student receives instruction that is personalized to them in some way
Student Accountability
The student has someone they are regularly accountable to for their progress to help them stay motivated in their process of learning how to play the piano
Celebrating Accomplishments
The student has opportunities to receive awards or have their progress through the program be celebrated in some way
Predictable Structure
The student knows what the next steps will be and can progress in a linear and predictable fashion
Flexible Pacing
The student can progress as quickly or slowly as they would like
Access to Instruction
Student has access to instruction given at any time
Independent Learning
The student can learn on their own without regularly scheduled lessons
Location Flexibility
Students all around the globe can have access to the program
Gamification added to increase the 'fun' factor increasing the student's motivation
Provides opportunity for students to share and engage with one another, their teacher, as well as family and friends through things like challenges, recitals, and competitions
Real-time Feedback
The student has access to in-the-moment feedback to let them know whether they are doing something correctly or not
Accurate Assessment Tools
Student has access to tools that give them objective assessments of their abilities based on previously established criteria
Material Cost
Student gets a lot of music and materials for a low cost
Travel Arrangements
No need to make travel arrangements or adjustements due to inclement weather, lack of child care, bad traffic, etc

What do I need to start?

What Our Students Have to Say

I have really liked the Piano Panacea Studio and I think you should join. I've liked the Piano Panacea Studio because: My teacher helps me learn piano very well, I can have group meetings with other fellow students, I have fun learning and have learned piano a lot quicker than usual! I hope, if you join, that you'll love the Piano Panacea Studio, and your amazing teacher.
piano, music, instrument
Ori- Age 8
Independent Learner- Piano Panacea is an incredible program filled with specific instructions and steps that are easy to follow. The technology is amazing! I can complete lessons on my own time and move through the program as quickly or slowly as my schedule allows. I have been so impressed with the communication and support available. The Piano Panacea team is quick to answer questions and provide support when needed. I have truly enjoyed playing in the Piano Marvel program because it is easy to use, and I can break songs apart to practice. As a violinist, the treble clef comes easily for me, so I’ve had to take more time learning the bass clef notes but Piano Marvel makes it possible to practice one hand at a time before putting it all together! It’s the greatest music program I’ve ever experienced.
music, piano, treble clef
Julie- Adult
Private Lessons- My nine-year-old son was never excited about piano lessons. It felt like a battle I couldn’t win. I want my kids to play piano as often as they play soccer! Piano Marvel made it fun again. He was hooked on the “Ninja Skills” for sightreading! Now he’s smiling when it’s time to “play” piano. It feels more like a game, than a chore. I am confident that he will learn so much more with this program. Working with Cami each week made him accountable. She was always so positive, even if we didn’t practice as much as we had hoped. We are so grateful for Piano Panacea!
music, piano, treble clef
Julie- Adult
Group Class- My son used to take lessons from a teacher in person. Piano Panacea is much more convenient. We can complete the lessons within the program along with practicing in Piano Marvel at our convenience. He really enjoys working through the Trophy Case and will not move on until he earns 100%. It has been fun for him to connect with other students his age. He’s looking forward to preparing a piece for the group performance. I will definitely recommend this program to our friends and family.
music, piano, treble clef
Julie- Adult
I never quite mastered piano in my youth and wondered if I could do any better now that I am a senior citizen. The brain and the reflexes aren't as sharp at this point and I seriously doubted my success. But with Piano Panacea I have received all the support needed to steadily progress. I know exactly what to work on each step of the way and I know when I have mastered each step. It is very satisfying to see yourself accomplish things when the initial attempt was pitiful, but with each new try, you can easily see the improvement and before you know it, you've passed off another piece. The opportunity to ask questions and perform in front of other students are valuable feedback and experiences that keep me motivated and gaining more and more confidence that my desire to eventually play well enough to accompany people singing as well as enjoy providing beautiful music in my own home is indeed achievable.
Connie- Age 65