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Module #7- 2-A Memorization and Performance Assignment

pianopanacea October 7, 2021


  • Choose a piece to memorize and perform
  • Memorize the piece

Instructions: You will be choosing a piece to memorize and perform. This piece can be anything you choose. For example, you could choose something you’ve learned in the Method section of Piano Marvel. You could choose something from the Piano Marvel library. You could choose a piece you composed or that you have improvised (made up on your own). Or you could choose a piece that you have learned somewhere else.

We recommend you print out a pdf of the pieces you choose for your memorization and performance assignments throughout the course if possible. You could keep these in a folder or binder to keep them organized. These pieces will be great options for you to play during the studio recitals. By the end of the year you should have several pieces memorized which you can put together as your own personal recital and which will be fun to look back on to see how much you have learned and progressed throughout the year.

2-A Memorization Tip:

There are 4 types of memorization:

  1. Aural (what you can hear)
  2. Visual (what you can see)
  3. Motor (what you can feel)
  4. Analytical (what you know)

Try this exercise for the Aural type of memory:

  • Aural- Try to sing the melody in your piece without playing it. Are you confident on the pitches of the melody? You could also sing other parts of the piece. I’ve found that after I have memorized a piece I still am playing some notes incorrectly without realizing it. Knowing how it sounds can help you realize when you are playing incorrect notes.

2-A Performance Tip:

  • Practice your piece at a little bit faster tempo than you will perform it at. Then, when you perform it it will feel relatively easy compared to playing it at your practice tempo. It is better to play slower than faster when performing. Sometimes performers have a tendency to play faster when they have that adrenaline pumping and then they are prone to experience a performance ‘train wreck’.