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Module #6- 2-E Memorization and Performance Assignment

pianopanacea October 9, 2021


  • Choose a piece to memorize and perform
  • Memorize the piece

Instructions: You will be choosing a piece to memorize and perform. This piece can be anything you choose. For example, you could choose something you’ve learned in the Method section of Piano Marvel. You could choose something from the Piano Marvel library. You could choose a piece you composed or that you have improvised (made up on your own). Or you could choose a piece that you have learned somewhere else.

We recommend you print out a pdf of the pieces you choose for your memorization and performance assignments throughout the course if possible. You could keep these in a folder or binder to keep them organized. These pieces will be great options for you to play during the studio recitals. By the end of the year you should have several pieces memorized which you can put together as your own personal recital and which will be fun to look back on to see how much you have learned and progressed throughout the year.

2-E Memorization Tip:

There are 4 types of memorization:

  1. Aural (what you can hear)
  2. Visual (what you can see)
  3. Motor (what you can feel)
  4. Analytical (what you know)

Try this exercise for the Visual type of memory:

  • Visual- Can you picture the music in your head when you’re not playing? You could either picture the notes on the music score or how your hands look on the keyboard while you’re playing or both. Are you starting to notice which type of memorizing comes the easiest to you and which is the most challenging?

2-E Performance Tip:

  • When people watch a piano performance they are not just listening to what you’re playing and watching your hands on the keyboard. They are also watching your physical performance, how you move while you play, how you walk to the piano to sit down, what you do after you finish playing. If you’re personality comes through they will love it! If you have a calm and quiet personality they will love it. If you have a serious personality they will love it. If you have a playful and fun personality they will love it. They just want to see your personality.