Meet the Creators


Welcome to our Studio! Here is a little bit about the creators.

Brandon is our editor. He has spent many hours recording and editing all of the video content on our site as well as our YouTube channel. He took about 6 years of piano lessons but his favorite thing to do is play his favorite tunes by ear. Some of the music he loves includes stride, ragtime, Forro, John Denver, patriotic songs, Baroque, Big Band, and Bossa Nova. He graduated from the University of Utah with a BA in Mass Communication with an emphasis in Broadcast Journalism (back when they would physically cut and splice film). He loves traveling and exploring new places. He also loves history, tennis, reading, hiking, biking, playing video games, and playing board games.

Ori is one of our students and creators. He teaches the composition lessons within the course. He has a brilliant mind for computers, detail, and analysis. His input has helped us find solutions when we have been at a loss.

SharLee is our ray of sunshine and jumps in to help whenever she sees a need. She is a friend to all and loves all things pink, fashion, dolls, and is a budding thespian.

Cami is our content creator and a piano teacher. She studied piano starting at age 13.  In Junior High, she began to accompany soloists for competitions, church choir, and the high school choir. She went on to accompany college choir and smaller performing groups and soloists. She loves being the accompanist! She became involved in the music scene at school. She was in the concert band (played trombone), jazz band, marching band (she never could stay in formation!), concert choir, jazz choir, and women’s choir. Her class elected her to be the Band President and Female Vocalist of the Year. She went on to teach private piano lessons as well as group piano lessons at a private school. She studied Piano Pedagogy and Music Therapy at Utah State University. She taught at the Youth Conservatory while she was studying and accompanied vocal students. She taught more private and group lessons after she graduated. She worked as a music therapist at a senior care facility and with individuals in crisis. She went on to teach first and second graders music at an elementary school.