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I have really liked the Piano Panacea Studio and I think you should join. I've liked the Piano Panacea Studio because: My teacher helps me learn piano very well, I can have group meetings with other fellow students, I have fun learning and have learned piano a lot quicker than usual! I hope, if you join, that you'll love the Piano Panacea Studio, and your amazing teacher.
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Ori- Age 8
I never quite mastered piano in my youth and wondered if I could do any better now that I am a senior citizen. The brain and the reflexes aren't as sharp at this point and I seriously doubted my success. But with Piano Panacea I have received all the support needed to steadily progress. I know exactly what to work on each step of the way and I know when I have mastered each step. It is very satisfying to see yourself accomplish things when the initial attempt was pitiful, but with each new try, you can easily see the improvement and before you know it, you've passed off another piece. The opportunity to ask questions and perform in front of other students are valuable feedback and experiences that keep me motivated and gaining more and more confidence that my desire to eventually play well enough to accompany people singing as well as enjoy providing beautiful music in my own home is indeed achievable.
Connie- Age 65