LEVEL 1 COURSE: For the Individual who likes to do things in Order

pianopanacea · June 8, 2021

This course is for Early Beginner piano students. Traditionally, completing Level 1 in piano would take around 1 year, but students in our program tend to complete the Level 1 Course within 1-2 months. Good luck!

    1. Computer/iPad/iPhone
    2. Digital piano keyboard with the capability of connecting to your computer/iPad/iPhone
    3. Cord to connect your piano keyboard to your device
    1. Piano Marvel
    2. MuseScore

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Hi, my name is Cami Davis. I love singing, playing piano, running, yoga, journaling, creating goals and dreaming big, spa treatments, and especially my wonderful family. I studied piano starting at age 13. In Junior High, I began to accompany soloists for competitions, church choir, and the high school choir. I went on to accompany college choir and smaller performing groups and soloists. I loved being the accompanist! I became very involved in the music scene at school. I was in the concert band (played trombone), jazz band (by special invitation), marching band (I never could stay in formation!), concert choir, jazz choir, and women's choir. My class elected me to be the Band President and Female Vocalist of the Year. What I learned from this was the incredible support of my family, classmates, and teachers. I had a love for music and the support around me gave me the confidence to pursue what I loved. I am so grateful for these people in my life who believed in me and gave me the confidence to pursue my dreams. I went on to teach private piano lessons as well as group piano lessons at a private school. I studied Piano Pedagogy and Music Therapy at Utah State University. I taught at the Youth Conservatory while I was studying and accompanied vocal students. I taught more private and group lessons after I graduated. I worked as a music therapist at a senior care facility and worked with individuals in crisis as well. I went on to teach first and second graders music at an elementary school. All of these experiences were so wonderful!

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